Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shortcuts in Revit you must use

Skill level: novice
Product: all Revit platform

What are "Shortcuts"?

"Shortcuts" (or "hotkeys", "fastkeys", "shortkeys") are key combinations, which allow you to use functions in applications faster by pressing buttons on your keyboard. These combinations increase your speed and productivity by minimizing amount of mouse moving and clicking.

Short keys are based on the names of the commands in Autodesk Revit. For example, function "Door" corresponds a short key "DR", for a "Grid" - "GR", and so on. Buttons  should be pressed one-by-one, at first - letter "G", and then "R". You don't need to push "Enter", Space or nothing else. After pressing second button function activates immediatly.

In my every Revit courses (I'm certified Autodesk Revit instructor) I pay much attention to on using these keys, because they can improve your workflow and make it faster and convinient. To help Revit starters in using them, I've make this short list of my own Revit most useful short keys. Of corse, this is only a small part of keys you are able to use, but I believe it can be useful during your first Revit steps.