Monday, December 24, 2012

Autodesk Revit: How to rotate a plan at any angle?

Not so long ago, one of the readers of my russian blog posted a question — how to rotate a plan at 180°? It can be necessary while working with the objects that are plotted in the plan as inclined to each other at characteristics angels — for instance, in cases of complicated buildings. The user needed to construct complicated front stairs, that would be more convenient to be created north-oriented.

There are at least two methods to solve the issue — using crop view or shared coordinates.
It is convenient to use crop region rotation, if it is needed to turn only one plan and shared coordinates - when you need to direct several plans in the same way.

Ways to do it:

Firstly, you need to create a copy of the plan, otherwise you will have to rotate back the view after rotation will be completed.

1) Crop region rotation
Activate "Crop View" of the view needed and make it visible. It can be done in view properties as well  as in the bottom part of the window in graphic settings panel.

This method can work inappropriately, if you have views imported from DWG — they will change the position after the turn. So you should be careful and, perhaps, you will have to use variant 2.

Now it is needed to select the frame and rotate it at the desired angle.


Simplicity is the advantage of the method, the disadvantage is that you will have to turn each plan manually, specifying the angle needed.

2) True north turn

After copying has been completed, you need to set orientation of the view to True north — in view properties (these properties are shown automatically when the selected objects are missing)  set «Orientation» - «True north».

At last, True north rotation at the preset angle: «Control» - «Posotion» - «Turn True north» and define the angle in options bar, or set in manually by specifying start and end rotation points on a plan.

Completed! Now in each plan, where True north has been selected, the building will be turned.

In case you need to work with correct absolute coordinates, turn plan around certain point and after the plotting completed do not forget to turn the object backwards around this point — otherwise coordinate dimensioning will be inappropriate.

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