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  1. hey there from england!

    quick you think you would be able to create the building on the splash screen (loading screen) from revit 2013 and do a tutorial for that?


    1. Hello Tom!

      Thank you for your idea! I think it is possible to create this tutorial, but after I'll finish my first ones (Architecture, MEP, Families)

  2. Hello Alexander,

    I have a question. I want to automate my working process on a easiest way which I can find. So I look for verious possiblities there are. Now I see 3 possibilities:
    1. shortcuts. good, but I want to combinate more than 1 shortcut in 1 step and between shortcuts waiting fot user-inputs/give parameters. I can't see that is possible
    2. Marco-programming. to much effort before I have the first Macro. very flexible, but I want to avoid first to learn class-definitions, exceptions, parameter-types and so on in VB or C# before I can combinate some key-orders.
    Do you have experience in Marco-programming? Can we expect videos in the future?
    3. automate software like tinytask. I am not sure, is it the right way. Can I really all do with this recorder what is necessary. I think it has to many limits.

    what your opinion?

    best regards Andreas from Berlin, Germany

    1. Hello Andreas,

      I suppose the easiest way to improve your productivity is a good template. I’ve write a post about it some days ago:

      The most powerful way is programming. I’m not a programmer, but I’ve visited 2-days training. We wrote on C# with Visual Studio. With programming you can speed up many process in Revit – even build a house pressing just one button. Unfortunately, I can’t write a course due to poor programming skills.
      Here you can view official Autodesk training “My First Revit Plug-in”

      Maybe you should try something like Logitech G13 and write your own macros for G-keys (I use G15 Keyboard)

      TinyTask – I have no idea how you can use it in Revit. If you need to do same things many times – you can just copy result from other projects.

      Best regards,

  3. HAI AM MANESH FROM INDIA can you post the tolls list in an laphabetic order and give examples also it will help me as a biginer \
    thank you ,

    1. Hi Manesh,
      I think Tools list in Alphabetic order is not very good idea because many tools used with special functions. It's much better learn Revit working with its functions. Try go through this tutorial -
      I hope it will help.

  4. hi i'm a newbie. i hope you can answer this question. i made a curb with wall element. i want to round the corner with a quarter circle in plan review. how to do? thank you


    1. Hi Jennifer,
      to round corner you should use WALL function, and in the drawing tools use option in the red circle on the screenshot:
      Then click on the first and second walls to create rounded angle.

    2. In English version this tool called "Fillet Arc"

  5. I made an conceptual mass, and now need to add a beam. This beam changes in both x and y. When I click: Structure > modify/place beam > pick lines and then click on the line, it places the beam down on the floor. eventough I checked 3D snapping. It works on few lines, but on some it does as I told. what could be te problem?

  6. Hi i'm new with Revit and I've encountered a problem...
    Every time I draw elements (wall, curtain walls, mullion, window,door etc) on level 2 of my building it turns out grey colored (on 3D view). But if I change the view to elevation the element's graphic can be seen. It can also be seen when i draw elements on the first or 3,4th level and offset its base to the 2nd floor.

    It might be something really simple but I can't figure it out.. What's the problem? thank you

  7. Hi I have open a Revit project that I finished a month or so ago and I am wondering why some of the materials that I put in there are gone? Please help because I have to do a project off of this one...


    1. Hi Lauren, this problem happens sometimes. Is Material Library is still installed?

  8. Helloo

    Is it possible to do a schedule only for cropped view?? for example.. am doing a schedule for property lines with its tag for a specific view, but unfortunately... the schedule is showing me the whole project's property lines.
    can u please explain


    1. Hello Amani El-Saadi,
      you should use Filter tab to point which lines to schedule.
      So at first select your property lines which you want to show, and add to their properties unique parameter (for ex., in the field Comments enter "Group_1".
      And now just go to Filter tab in your schedule, and add filter Comments - Equal - Group_1 .

      This should work.

  9. Hello,
    I cannot make camera view or spot Elevation on only second floor of my building; I don’t know what the problem is. Can you help me to solve it?

  10. hey hello.....can anyone tell me how can you make a staircase with varying riser heights in revit?
    (for a stadium stands,you need to make a the stands in which every following riser exceeds 120-150 mm in height as compared to the previous one)....of course i made the stands as staircase....RSVP

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